Polo de Innovación Goierri

Park: Polo de Innovación Goierri

Member type: Collaborator

Address: Arranomendia 2. 20240 Ordizia

Province: Gipuzkoa

Autonomous community: País Vasco

Phone: 943 880 062

Fax: 943 880 184

Web: www.pologoierri.net

Email: bulegoa@goierrieskola.eus

Polo de Innovación Goierri

Iñaki Zabalo San Sebastián

Constitution date:

Technical data:

o The Pole of Innovation of the Goierri GBG answers to the following philosophy:- Guided to the cross-fertilization between companies, technological centersand university: looking for a space of excellence that facilitates the achievement of common projectsand the knowledge transference.- Guided to the permanent innovation: looking to create research and innovations dynamics. The construction of this space and of the projected buildings is not an end, but a way to achieve the targets.- To the service of the needs for the territory: deeply rooted in industrial production and thinking about how to give response to his needs for innovation.- With vocation of transformation of the proper productive system, supporting the evolution of the companies increasing his added value and his competitiveness and contributing the generation of new start ups.o Based on the collaboration public and private: involving to private companies and to public organisms.o University formation, undergraduate and graduate degrees in the specialities of Mechanics, Design, Electronics and Computer science, Mondragón Unibersitatea.o Postobligatory education with recognized industrial prestigein manufacturing technologies and in control of welded work,Goierri Lanbide Eskola.o Regional development agency, Goieki.o Center of trainning in practices and the seedbed of companies,Ikaslan.o Regional Park of Firemen and Su Eskola, School of the Fire,pioneering center in the State for the training in the extinction of fires.o Technology Centre Lortek. Research and development in advanced materials processing.

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