GARAIA Parque Tecnológico S.Coop

Park: GARAIA Parque Tecnológico S.Coop

Member type: Full member

Address: Goiru 1 Edificio A. 20500 Mondragón

Province: Gipuzkoa

Autonomous community: País Vasco

Phone: 943 038 846

Fax: 943 793 999



GARAIA Parque Tecnológico S.Coop

Javier Valls García. President and Chief Executive Officer

Constitution date:

Technical data:

There are 67 companies. It is set in a location with one of the largest concentrations of Industry in Europe, where the cooperative model is highly implemented.

Its 6 technology centres 6 (Stirling, Edertek, Ikerlan, Isea, UPTC, MIK) and Mondragón University (MU), acclaimed for its close connection with industry, provide GARAIA with people trained in the skills and knowledge this environment requires. It is a hotbed for the development of top-level expertise in aspects including Advanced Manufacturing,Big Data, New Materials, Health and Sustainability.

Infraestructures and Spaces

  • Virtual office.
  • Incubator space.
  • Itinerant office.
  • Co-Working Space.
  • Offices in adaptable modules from 60 m2
  • Technology plots (148,000 m² buildable) in a natural environment.
  • Auditorium for 210 people.
  • Digital classroom.
  • Seminar and meeting rooms (from 10 to 50 people).
  • Videoconference room and virtual classroom (up to 2,000 remote receivers).
  • Experimental innovation space (Living-lab).Cafeteria-Restaurant.
  • Office (For lunch).

Support Services to park entities


  • Reception and customer service.
  • Inclusion in the directory of companies on the GARAIA website.
  • Access to up-to-date information on local, national and international events, training and business opportunities.
  • 24/7 access by electronic card.
  • Security and surveillance service.
  • Free parking.
  • Electric car charging point.
  • Public transport & Heliport.


  • Training and support for entrepreneurs.
  • Information about assistance and funding programmes.
  • Capital Risk Fund.
  • Access to business cooperation networks /Access to national/international Innovation networks.
  • Patent management.
  • Shopping portal.
  • International Antenna.
  • Technology development and prototyping workshop.
  • Market research studies.
  • Viability plans.
  • Regional projects.
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