Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa

Park: Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa

Member type: Full member

Address: Paseo Mikeletegi, 53. 20009 Donosti - San Sebastián

Province: Gipuzkoa

Autonomous community: País Vasco

Phone: 943 011 000

Fax: 943 011 010



Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gipuzkoa

Itziar Epalza Urkiaga. General Manager

Constitution date:

Technical data:

Innovation and talent come together in the 178 companies that make up the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park, where the Biosciences sector stands out, transforming the Park into an international benchmark and an enclave for strategic projects with cutting-edge services and infrastructures.

It forms technological-business ecosystems with an essential vision for projects for the future and for the country; benchmark, green and intelligent infrastructures, with value in excellence, social commitment and sustainability.

It forms part of the Basque Country Technology Park Network, whose joint work enables the transfer of R&D to the business fabric and comprises 618 companies spread over the three Parks; the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park, the Alava Technology Park and the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park.

Infraestructures and Spaces

  • Offices and plots
  • Auditorium
  • Boardroom
  • Meeting rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Press rooms
  • Exhibition and fair room

Support Services to park entities

BeParke: Services, spaces and infrastructures to help people and companies in the ecosystem make the most of their full potential and enjoy the Parke experience professionally and experientially. Workspaces, mobility, nature, leisure, culture, general services (infrastructures, restaurants, nursery, etc.)

  • K-business: Services that, through the generation of meeting spaces, help Parke companies establish relationships to develop business with other companies and key agents.
  • K-talent: Services that help attract human capital to the Park and retain the talent of our companies professionally developing and promoting scientific-technological vocations.
  • K-impulse: Services that help companies grow, become more visible and recognised, reach the market successfully or reach new markets, and become a reference for Parke values abroad.
  • K-media: Communication services that help our companies to position themselves in the market and to be positively recognised by potential partners, customers and competitors in a hyper-connected world: visibility, relevance, notoriety and value.
  • K-future: Services that anticipate our companies in the technological paradigm shifts and new digital challenges in the economy.
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