Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico de la Universidad de Cantabria (CDTUC)

Park: Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico de la Universidad de Cantabria (CDTUC)

Member type: Full member

Address: E.T.S. De Ingenieros de Caminos, C. Y P. Planta 3ª - Módulo 10-A. Avenida de los Castros, 44. 39005 Santander

Province: Cantabria

Autonomous community: Cantabria

Phone: 942 200 905

Fax: 942 202034

Web: www.cdtuc.com

Email: fltqadmon@unican.es

Centro de Desarrollo Tecnológico de la Universidad de Cantabria (CDTUC)

Luigi dell´Olio - Managing Director

Constitution date:

Technical data:

The Technological Development Centre of the University of Cantabria (CDTUC) is located on the campus of the University of Cantabria and was built in 1999. It has a space of 6,500 m2 for the development of R&D initiatives, many of them arising from the university’s research environment.

It currently has a total of 25 companies, mostly from the ICT and engineering fields, 4 R&D support entities and 2 research groups from different areas of knowledge of the University of Cantabria.

Infraestructures and Spaces

The CDTUC offers rental workspaces, with a wide variety of sizes, for companies and researching groups, all of which are equipped with the following elements:

  • Voice and data access ports.
  • Central heating.
  • Standard furniture (laboratory type). In the event that it does not respond to the needs of users it can be withdrawn.
  • Cleaning.
  • Security.
  • Card control access.
  • Meeting room.
  • Incubator with spaces of 40 m2.
  • Videoconference room.
  • Santander International Entrepreneurship Center (CISE).
  • Regional Automotive Initiatives Group (GIRA).
  • Materials Characterization Service (SERCAMAT).
  • Leonardo Torres Quevedo Foundation (entity for the CDTUC´s management).

Support Services to park entities

The CDTUC offers the following complementary services that aim to help entrepreneurs and companies:

  • Supporting the business project development at every stages, offering special guidance to start-ups (technological incubator available).
  • Information on calls and sources of funding.
  • Dissemination activities and possibility of participation in programs and activities leads by both national and international entrepreneurship and technology transfer networks, (CDTUC is already a member).
  • Collaboration agreements with UC researching groups.
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